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SKIn2000 keylogger

Keylogger intercepts all keystrokes, mouse clicks, captions of active windows, static text and many other.

  • Do you need to know what your child is doing on the computer?
  • Have you thought about who is using your computer while you are out?

    Our invisible keylogger software is your way out. Only you will know exactly what was going on. Because our keylogger software records every keystroke on your computer invisibly, stores the keystrokes in a file that only you can see.

    Learn more about SKIn2000 keylogger >>

    The most efficient, user friendly and powerful keylogger for Windows NT/2000/XP that tracks and reports all activity on your PC. Its features are listed below:

    • Invisible in Task Manager (both Applications and Processes lists), Taskbar, System Tray area, Services applet and Devices applet in Control Panel

    • Developed for Windows NT/2000/XP

    • Runs silently, without any messages or notifications and doesn't affect the computer performance

    • Saves the time of the user logon and the current user's name

    • Intercepts all keystrokes, including special keys, cursor control keys, keypad and combinations of keys

    • Intercepts mouse clicks and saves the text under mouse pointer

    • Tracks captions of activated windows and saves the time the window was activated

    • Saves static text from windows, message-boxes and other

    • Intercepts the text from edit controls

    • Allows monitoring of URLs of visited sites

    • Allows interception of different passwords, login names, etc

    • Gives the managers the traceability of employees' work

    • Helps to restore the documents after the applications faults or system crashes

    • Has the feature of output log file encryption

    • Has built-in scheduler and allows using scheduler templates

    • Supports national keyboard layouts

    • Can be installed on administrator's profile, so no users will see the SKIn2000 keylogger folder in the Start menu

    • Has the Configuration Utility with user-friendly interface for tuning up all SKIn2000 keylogger options and log file processing

    • Allows to protect SKIn2000 keylogger Configuration Utility with the logon password

    SKIn2000 keylogger free download >>

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