All In One Keylogger

All In One Keylogger is the best in employee monitoring.

All In One Keylogger is invisible surveillance software that logs all actions on your PC. You can set Keylogger to automatically send logs to a desire e-mail/FTP/LAN accounting or to copy the logs to pre adjusted USB. All In One Keylogger can monitor and record all keystrokes typed including language-specific characters, talks and chats (both sides), passwords, e-mails, clipboard information, microphone sounds, screenshots capturing, desktop and Internet activity, file activities, etc.
All In One Keylogger is available in 12 languages.

The program can be used only by the owner who knows the password.
employee-monitoring Security

This keylogger has many parameters, which you can see on the screenshot.
all in one keylogger settings

All In One Keylogger can monitor all the websites visited by the PC users.
All in one keylogger record typewriter keys and system keys

Online Monitoring:
This program records online chat conversations, made via Skype, ICQ, etc.
All in one keylogger Online Monitoring

Screenshots Settings:
All In One Keylogger features many screenshots settings. You can set the interval capturing time.
All in one keylogger visual-settings.jpg

E-mail Configuration:
This program can send logs to the stated e-mail address.
All in one keylogger log file transfer

Examples of Screenshots:
This is an example of the screenshots quantity that can be done during five minutes period:
All in one keylogger example of screenshots

Its interface is easy, user friendly and is available in 12 languages. This program is recommended to absolutely all user groups, from all over the world.

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