Perfect Keylogger

Perfect Keylogger – affordable but multi-purpose.

Perfect Keylogger is the low-budget and easy to use software. However, the low price doesn’t mean the low quality. In addition to the basic features, it contains the following:
– scheduling the capturing intervals and specifying the keywords for screenshorting;
– using your webcam to monitor what’s happening in your room while you are away;
– sending info to your e-mail;
– listing of “on alert” words or phrases;
– automatical uninstalling on scheduled date.
All the above functions are usually present in the expensive, professional keyloggers.

Basic Menu:
The owner can identify whether this program is to be started automatically together with the OS session. The keyboard shortcuts to launch the program could be chosen too in the same menu.
Perfect Keylogger General menu

Logging Options:
The administrator can chose what info to log. For example: chats, button clicks, passwords, etc.
Perfect Keylogger Logging menu

Screenshots Options:
You can set the interval capturing time and keywords for screenshorting.
Perfect Keylogger Screenshots options

Webcam Options:
With Perfect Keylogger you can use your webcam to monitor what’s happening in your room while you are away, and receive the snapshots by email or FTP.
Perfect Keylogger Webcam menu

E-mail Options:
You can chose what info to be sent to your e-mail and how often.
Perfect Keylogger e-mail options

Alerts Options:
The owner can create a list of “on alert” words or phrases, and Perfect Keylogger will continually monitor keyboard typing and web pages for these words.
Perfect Keylogger alerts options

Uninstall Options:
The program can automatically uninstall itself on scheduled date.
Perfect Keylogger uninstall options

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