REFOG Personal Monitor

REFOG Personal Monitor is a comfy and easy to use keylogger.

REFOG Keylogger is designed to deal with extended families, but it fits small families just as well. If your kids play computer games and chat via Internet, they can be threatened by strangers. REFOG Keylogger is the best solution! It allows you to monitor your children activities remotely.

Features and Options:
This program has many settings.
employee-monitoring Security

Sending Log Files:
You can receive the log files via E-mail.
all in one keylogger settings

Keystrokes Typed:
In REFOG Personal Monitor, you can adjust keyboard monitoring settings on a special page.
All in one keylogger record typewriter keys and system keys

In the program you can adjust screen monitoring settings.
All in one keylogger Online Monitoring

REFOG Personal Monitor allows you to adjust browser monitoring settings.
All in one keylogger visual-settings.jpg

Users Activity:
In this program you can adjust applications monitoring settings.
All in one keylogger log file transfer

REFOG can create many customizable reports.
All in one keylogger example of screenshots

Files Manipulations:
This program logs all the files opened, modified or closed.
All in one keylogger example of screenshots

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