StaffCop Standard

StaffCop Standard is the keylogger with numerous functions and options.

StaffCop Standard controls staff working on PC, creates detailed reports about actions of every employee, secures local network from internal threats. The keylogger logs started applications, clipboard content, screenshots, system log on/off time, printed documents, file operations, etc. Using aggregated information about PC users actions you can optimize staff schedules, improve staff efficiency, detect and eliminate data leakage. The distinguishing feature of StaffCop Standard is creating visual reports in multicolored diagram form. They enable you to find out the applications mostly used by staff and to chose whether to award a bonus or to charge a penalty.

StaffCop Standard Interface is available in more than 5 languages.
StaffCop Standard  Languages

The Program can monitor all the programs used. It records the time when the program was launched, for how long it was in use and when it was closed or deleted.
StaffCop Standard Activity

StaffCop Standard can do screenshots if you want.
StaffCop Standard Screenchots

Programs Monitoring:
The Program can monitor all the applications launched by users. It also records the program files path and the user who opened them.
StaffCop Standard Programs monitoring

StaffCop Standard saves all the websites, visited by user during a day, a week or a month.
StaffCop Standard Web-activity

The program can record all the information searched for on the Internet.
StaffCop Standard Search

Social Networks:
StaffCop Standards logs every message or content from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
StaffCop Standard Social networks

File Operations:
The program records all the actions with files.
StaffCop Standard file operations

If you need more information about StaffCop, you are welcome to read help manual where you can find the detailed instructions.
StaffCop Standard help

Despite numerous functions and settings, this program is very easy to use. If you want a reliable and a high quality product, this program is for you.

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